New homes, building management, and construction has always been a part of life for Todd and Ellen Pool.  When they met in Dallas while working with Ryland Homes, little did they know in the beginning what romance would later bring.  Ellen recognized Todd’s eye for design early on and learned that as a child, he used to ride his bike with his transistor radio on it to go watch the new houses being built around him.

Todd not only had an eye for design but an instinct that is spot on for recognizing and troubleshooting building issues.  He is well known for understanding the engineering behind the building and figuring out how to make things work.  His love and passion are in the details.  Starting from scratch, plotting lines on paper that ultimately result in a future home where families will grow and memories are made.

After they married in 2001, they moved on to different jobs within the building industry.  Ellen with North American Title Company and Todd with Goodman Homes.  But the housing industry was changing and Todd wanted something more.  Ellen had always been encouraging and knew it was a time to put dreams into place and their first construction company, Andrew Custom Homes, began.  The first home was built in 2002.

Realizing the opportunities for building were greater in the Houston area, they brought the business south.  Lincoln Homes was formed but the public thought that meant they built log homes and cabins.  Realizing a name change was needed, they chose Sovereign Homes for the strength and integrity it imparts.

Building a business requires a lot of strength and presents many challenges along the way.  The biggest challenge thus far is an ongoing one in finding land to build on.  When the housing market crashed in 2008, the challenge then was finding a way to maintain business.  This opportunity led to working with HOA’s in building and meeting code.  Their experience deepened and building picked up again.

When asked what their biggest success is, the answer is clear:  owning their own company, loving what they do, and building homes that homeowners love.  Every home is different and almost every home is designed from the ground up by Todd and each design is certified by an engineer. They are proud to be able to offer a home with a ten-year structural warranty and stand behind their work.

Todd and Ellen reside in Montgomery County with their teenage daughter who is their pride and joy.  Homeschooling is an important part of life for the family, and they enjoy traveling stateside, nature, and of course building dream homes.  Their favorite home to build, in progress, will be their own.

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