You have questions about the services we offer and build process.

Here, we have answers that we hope covers all of the questions you may have.

Do you design all of the plans that you offer?

Most of the plans we offer are designed by Todd and certified by an engineer.

Do you build plans provided by your customers?

By all means, we want to build a home that reflects your dream and is best suited to your needs.

In what format do you prefer to receive plans from your customers?
Do you offer home designing services if I don’t find what I’m looking for in what you have to offer? I have ideas that I would like to see implemented.

Absolutely! In fact, our favorite plans to build are those that we have a hand in.  Todd is skilled in taking in and understanding what his clients want, and translating that into a design that will function well for your family.

Do you have land available for building on?

No, but we do have access to land that is for sale and we do offer Realtor services for those who do not have representation.

Do you have a Realtor on staff?

Yes, our Realtor is Ellen Pool.  She is available to lend assistance with the purchase of land to build your dream home.

What kind of warranty is provided with your homes?

We offer a ten-year structural warranty and stand behind our work.

How does one finance a project that combines the purchase of a piece of land and a construction loan?

You have options to which there are advantages to each, depending on the client’s unique needs:

  • The project can be financed as one package with one closing, in what is known as a “One Time Close”,
  • A construction loan can wrap in the land purchase and construction financing, and then a permanent closing once the home is complete.
Does Sovereign Homes have preferred lenders?

Yes, over the years, we have developed relationships with several that we have a comfort level with and appreciate how they work with our clients.  We give each client options based on what will work best with their financial needs.  And of course, our clients are encouraged to research and obtain financing outside of these lenders.

How will I know what items are included with my home?

Each client receives a feature matrix, which will show you the structure of the home…the nuts and bolts as well as the cosmetic items.

If we build in a community with an HOA or POA, how detailed is the information you submit to the POA for approval? Once the plans are submitted to the POA is there any flexibility (or is there a process) to make changes?

The POA will require all exterior features and colors for features (rock, brick, Stucco, paint color(s)), and most have preset the shingle color to a neutral “weatherwood” color. In addition to exterior colors they will need the house plan and site plan with driveway, and lead walk drawn on site plan. They will also want a simple landscape plan.  Many HOA’s or POA’s  will accept amendments once your plan has been approved, however there may be additional review fees from the association for the amendments as well as additional delays waiting on approval or denial from POA.

Do you have an Interior Designer or work with a Design Center to help with the design style on the interior of the home too?
Do you keep your clients updated on the budget during the build process?

By all means! Your budget is a top priority.  We want to build a home that is built to your standards within your financial needs in mind.

What are your standards for building a home?

We pride ourselves in building a top quality home built with your dream in mind. We build beyond industry standards as we believe everything going into a home should stand up to our Texas environment.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

Each home is different, depending on the municipalities the homesite is located in, the process of working with the Architectural Control Committee (if there is one in your community), and how much work needs to be done on the land.  The size of the home also plays a part in the process.  An example of actual construction time on an average sized home would be six months, depending on weather and the time of year it is being constructed.

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